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Let Go: Experience the Ultimate Freedom

Letting go can bee challenging, but letting go is the ultimate freedom 🐝

For me, as I’m sure at lot of you can relate, I find it second nature to ruminate over all of the details and hold onto the feeling of righteousness or reminiscing over the good times that have now become memories.

The thoughts race through my mind,

“What if I had...”;

“I shouldn’t have said...”;

“Maybe if I was...”

And, ultimately ending with “...then I would still be with them or things would not have ended up this way.”

Anyone else identify with this?

It’s easy to stay stuck in that hamster wheel of questioning our actions. But this can quickly turn into a downward spiral of depressive thoughts of self. Our deep underlying emotions, the ones that speak from the voice of fear and doubt, are like a sleeping lion that can be awoken and ultimately provoked into convincing us into staying permanently into the mentality that we are not ENOUGH.

It’s a challenge to step out of the anxiety of the past. It’s important to understand and process these emotions, sometimes taking the time to painstaking feel every moment so that we ingrain into our brains, “never again do I want to feel this way again.” But what good is that voice of reason without follow through?

The follow through lies in the lessons. I challenge you to breathe, and ask yourself, “where is the lesson for me in this situation?” “What can I take away from this relationship that I either want again in someone else, or that I never want to experience again. Lessons learned; Knowing what I am willing to accept and not accept moving forward will help in making better choices in the future because it will become crystal clear once you know your boundaries, what people and situations align with your needs.

We fight to hold on, because we are afraid of forgetting. But once you have the lesson tucked away in your mind, all of the emotions surrounding the situation are no longer important or useful, and can be let go with ease.

Go through it, feel it all, make peace with the situation or person, take the lesson, and let all that other sh*t go! Life is too short to continue to dwell on the what ifs of life. Go out and live, take the lessons and move on.

Channel an inner Sagittarius, arguably to most optimistic of the zodiac and definitely the most adventurist; Explore, learn from your experiences because you won’t know if you like something until you try it so take the risk. Every ending is an opportunity for a new beginning. So start now, reinvent yourself, take those lessons and weave them into your soul to serve as your protection, let go of everything that is weighing you down, and then take the leap into a world full of possibilities 🎢✈️🌄

Curious what a community centered sound healing experience feels like? Join us for our next Guided Singing Bowl Meditation in honor of the Full Moon in Sagittarius this Sunday, June 16, 2016 from 8-10pm at The RomantiKa Venue in Downtown Dunedin to find out!

You can register on our website Upcoming Events☝🏻or on Eventbrite.

We look forward to see you soon

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