Our Story


I remember the night Ashley and I met.

An important relationship in my life came to an end that night. Truthfully, it had been over long before then, but that was the night I knew deep down that it was over for good. Everything I suspected was confirmed right in front of me, and there were no more excuses or justifications left for me to make for this person any longer.


I was angry with him, but I was even more angry with myself for allowing this person to take my power from me. I was hurting, but I also felt more relieved and freer than I had felt in a long time. I had become so immersed in someone else’s life, trying the ‘fix’ them and trying to save them that I completely lost sight of myself. I wanted to lash out, but the more rational part of me thought better. I made the active decision to leave this powerless victim mentality I had taken on, and instead decided that I was going to go out and have the best night of my life. 


Ashley was working at the restaurant that I walked into first that night. I remember when she approached the table where my friend and I were sitting to take our drink order. She had this cool, badass, hippy vibe going. Slightly giddy, but completely grounded. I knew I wanted to be a part of whatever she was doing in life. We conversed for a while. She told me about her son, and I told her about my night so far. At one point, I bolded told her, “you and I are going to be friends.” [lol] And then, we snapped the selfie above together as a token of our new friendship.


Little did we both know that night, that our lives would become as interconnected as they are now, as we are both steadfastly pursing our passion of helping people together. I have always considered myself to be a spiritual person, but when Ashley and I get together we create magic. She was the soul sister I never knew I needed. She introduced me to another world. A world filled with possibilities – positive thoughts, setting intentions, manifesting what you truly want in life, tarot cards, crystals, and last but not least crystal chakra singing bowls. She inspired and empowered me to join her in this wonderland, a place where I learned the skills to save myself from drowning.


It took me the courage to let go of my negative emotions, and disconnect from what I thought I was supposed to be feeling, and just go for it. To cleanse myself from all of the guilt and fear I’d been harboring over the previous months and allow myself to just be free for the night. I took a chance on myself. I bet on myself. I took the control back in my life that night. Sure, the months after that night weren’t always easy, but no change is ever really easy.


Having a supportive community around you can make all of the difference. She was that mirror looking right back at me confirming what I already knew but wasn’t always ready to face. The minute I would even question my decision and attempt to revert back, all it took was one her stern but supportive looks to remind me of the powerful woman that was inside of me. The one that was better off without the person who was bringing me down, the one who deserved more than what I was willing to accept.


Everyone has struggles and problems. But not everyone is willing to work on fixing them. It’s easier to stay on the moving train than it is to jump off, and to acknowledge that there is room for improvement, let alone to take the control back in your life. Life is all about switching trains, when one track is stagnant and no longer serving you, it’s time to jump off and re-route yourself onto a train that will help you grow. And, of course manifesting what it is that truly is that you desire.


Our friendship is living proof that when you put out what you want into the universe, and I mean openly and clearly communicate what it is that you want and need, the universe will listen. You just have to remain open to the blessings that come your way.  


Ashley and I started this venture to help people just like you. Together, our group is growing bigger than we ever imagined. Vibe Hive is more than a group, it’s a community. A community of people who are there for each other, the voice of reason when we need it; the team of linked arms protecting you and refusing to let go in a game of red rover. We purposefully chose bees as the symbol to attach to our brand because bees symbolize community and the notion that alone we may not survive, but together we can thrive and build our hive to create the life we’ve always imagined.


A bee may be small, but man is it mighty! And, a swarm of bees is a force to be reckoned with! Never forget the badass bee that’s inside of you, BEEhivers!


Welcome to the VIBE HIVE community! We are so glad you are here with us, and look forward to meeting you at one of our next group sessions. 



All our Love & Positive Vibes,




Michelle and Ashley

Co-Founders of Vibe Hive | Dunedin